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PB Trevally From Middle Harbour


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Went out to Middle Harbour on Friday night to have another crack at my first jewie, and even after having about 5 yakkas bit clean in half I couldn't get a single jewfish or kingfish to take the hook. Despite that, I had a great day of fishing and caught this stonker of a trev:


Didn't have a tape measure on me, but using my rod and measuring that when I got home I measured it at about 58cm, considerably longer than my previous record of 42cm. Got him on my second cast of the day with a 42mm blade, after getting a small flathead on my first cast. It was a hell of a fight with 6lb braid and 8lb leader, at first I thought it was a big breeder flathead before it did some huge pulls and head-shakes as it approached the jetty. Very happy with my biggest fish of the year so far.

A great close up of me and the fish:


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