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Day at broughton


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Hi better late then never but i ducked up to Port Stephens last week with the Missus and after talking to a couple of fishraider gurus in Scratchie and Rick  (thanks to you both for the tips)we decided to head to  Broughton for a day, We started by anchoring up and burleying for a couple of hours using live slimies/pilchards/ prawns and soft plastics managed a few just under sized snapper and few flathead the livie didn't get touched unfortunately.Then we had a few drifts between the main island and north rock once again got a bit of little stuff and i hooked up and dropped a little king at the boat on a plastic im guessing around 60-70cm.

After that we had a quick troll around  and landed a 71cm king (my 1st legal so im pretty happy) on the special gold $7 kmart lure Scratchie might recognize it sitting on the eski,Then we done a quick drift past the sisters and got a dozen or so little flatties only one keeper at 43cm and then on the way back in got a couple of calamari near Jimmys beach they went on the dinner table that night yum.

So over all had good day out just wishing we had a bit longer up there  only got the one pic so i will chuck it up.




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