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Kingies On the Flats??


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Paddling around middle harbour in the yak and in one of the bays at the back where it was mostly sand flats, I saw fishing busting up frequently. One fish would bust up then 10 or 20 would follow. I tried chucking paddle tails at them but nothing. I don't know about the species involved but could anyone give me an idea of what they could have been?



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No doubt Kings would have been there. Try pulsing the plastic to a rythym. Like they do on TV jigging. Paddle tail should work. I use Flick Baits on a Microjigging rod as has great action. Cast out and let lure drop, pulse up then let drop and do again. I often get hook ups directly below the boat. 

If no Kings and only trevally, use a small micro jig and change the jig action until they strike every time. 



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Hi Guys;

Just a suggestion.

When whatever the fish seen are finicky like that a one inch S.P. in clear with a blue fleck has been successful for me.

Might have to hunt around to find them though.

Also of course , light jig heads and line.




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I agree. Frigates. They were smashing the bait schools over the flats in Salamander Bay last week. I sometimes pick them up on a small plastic or a very small metal slug (or a white barrel sinker running on  a treble). Great fun on 1kg line!

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