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How To Attack Fish Found On Sounder


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Hi Guys/ Gals,

I was doing it bit of trolling yesterday out from clifton garden and a whole bunch of large fish showed up on the sounder from 5 metre to 15 metre. I stopped the boat and tossed the lure about but of course nothing happened.

I would like to ask if there is a way to try and attack these fish ? maybe with metal jig or just bait.

Also how can you keep the boat on top of these fish?



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hi mate,

think about how your transducer is placed. and think about where the beams will be headed.

of course on most sounders you can set it up so its kind of scanning in front of you.

if you find a good patch of bait and its deeper

slow the boat down and get the crew to drop a jig

if no action maybe pull the lures in and focus on finding the bait again.

you can also use a small amount of dye in the water.

2 or 3 drops of food colouring works well in good flat conditions to mark the area you found the bait

if it doesnt take u an hour to find your spot again, as the dye would have moved you can slow up and put a bait down (x marks the spot)

i mark the bait on my chartplotter but if you dont have that luxury. use the dye or even set a gps mark on ur handheld gps

this is also good when you want to find a spot and anchor up further as not to spook fish.

depending on the shape on the sounder, drop a bait jig over. if you pick up what ever is getting balled up. put it back down to its friends but with some nice jewellry :)

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