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Full moon


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Hey Rick. How do you find the squid fishing at night if there’s not too much artificial light about? I know you have mentioned before you fish a jetty at night with two squid jigs under a float amongst the light thrown from the lights on the jetty. I had a go the other day near the marina down the end of the road but once it got dark it slowed. I figured there wasn’t enough light thrown on the water from this particular marina. Guess the full moon would help.

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29 minutes ago, frankS said:

I must admit I have never tried it but what about a glow stick for night squiding ?


Ive done it Frank , works fairly well but i rarely fish at night these days. We took a houseboat on the Hawkesbury over Xmas and I kept a squid jig dangling over the side the whole time (just in a rod holder) averaged 4-5 a day in Cowan Creek where we moored

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Green eyes or calamari are caught from ocean rocks  these squid of a night are arrow squid   not a fan of glow stiks  have had others trying them and i outfish them everytime   got 6 last nite  westher doesnt look flash for next few days

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