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Syndey Harbour Madness


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started off at balmoral bait grounds when we hooked two rats which were in our berley trail. went for a troll up to north head for zilch. on the way back had a flick at the quarantine yellow marker and picked up one 65cm king. then things went rather quite.

finally headed off to the green light wedding cake marker started burleying up and forget yellow tails the place was infested with kings. it was quite unbelievable. they were taking all coloured slugs, squid, yellow tail(dead,alive), and even continously smashing this popped balloon which was tied off to our lines.

the kings were very thick in numbers mainly rats but amongst them were some real monsters, in which we got smashed quite a few times, i would have to say the catch rate must have been 50\50. this lasted about an hour and a half until the rain came. things slowed down quite a bit after that. thats when i called it a day.

overall we must have hooked 30 kings with 15 being landed. two coming home for dinner and the rest released to fight another day.

also seen one of no no nos customers pull in a king at the moorings on your left hand side before you turn into the spit coming from roseville quite a distance up middle harbour which was very suprising as i was unawre they came that far up

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i was using yellow tail and squid in my burley trail, they seem to have been going nuts over it. i flicked at most of the nav markers but only 1 hook up and land, besides that a few follows. we then anchored at wk and burleyed up instantly it was on. it awesome.

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Top stuff mate.. I've been at a BBQ all day and guess what the talk was for most of the day besides sport off course KINGIES yep big juicy Kingies! After many beverages we all agreed that we should get into the action as one of the lads from today picked up an 80cm model of Clontarf on Friday. Lots of :beersmile: was consumed today so the the stories became more lively :tease: ha gotta love these days. Go the Kings! BTW :wife: wasn't too happy with the 'same' old stories GET THE NET I'm on

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What an awesome day,

15 of the buggers! :1yikes:

The buzz on board must have been unbelievable.

They are the sort of days you just dream about. How many of you were on board?

Also a great effort to put that many back to fight another day. :biggrin2:

This is definitely shaping up to be a great year for Kings. You Bloody Ripper! :thumbup:

Go the Sydney Harbour Kings :1fishing1: and hoodlums amongst them just to make it even sweeter!!!!



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