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Eucumbene River Flats

Far Canary

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Made my way down to Adaminaby a week before the season closure, arriving just after 26mm of rain. Heavy snow the night before left the Eucumbene River flats covered. With the river up and portal pumping everything looked good for some spawn run action.1591222928_IMG_5884(2).jpg.b31347805e968afd9f6ef878a2b6ad7b.jpg

Picked up 9 fish in total on Rapala Xraps up to about 50cm, all released. Pretty slow for the others on the river by all accounts but hard to be too dissapointed given the epic scenery.

The low lake levels for past couple of years have led to miles of extra river, with now well established banks, providing plenty of space for anglers to spread out which is great.


Tried again the following morning but zilch - seems like you need to be there the day after heavy rain, the day after that is too late...


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