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Help! how do i register a unregistered boat and trailer

diane brunton

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Hi, I bought a boat & trailer, the boat is registered now,but I have to change the trailer from victoria to n.s.w, it will only be 3days out of rego when I take to garage,the boat is on trailer,& has no tare weight on the rego slip,..will I have to take boat off trailer to be inspected for rego ?

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Does the trailer have Brakes or dual wheels?

What size boat, if its a tinnie, just drop it onto the lawn, can grab 3 tyres from a tyre shop and sit the back of the boat on them.

You will need a blue slip and if it has brakes then it will need to go on a weight bridge and get a weigh bridge ticket, I have used the local Waste disposal place, drove in disconnected the trailer, then picked up my ticket and went back to the wharf and picked up the boat and my mate.

Do you know the brand of trailer, you might be able to download the spec sheet with the weight.

Check all your lights work, tyres are good, ID numbers are clear and that the trailer isn't rusty as.

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Welcome to the forum.

Compliance between the states varies so it will need to meet NSW regs.

Here is what towing trailers needs to meet in NSW-


Then you will need to do this-



If you need more information it would be best to contact the NSW RMS.


Also its always a good idea to do a forum search for similar threads-


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