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Fisheries at boat ramp


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Was out today met pickles at the boat ramp on the way in Roseville boat ramp,  about 14:00 fisheries guys were there in a car checked out all the boats for illegal catch and licenses. Funny thing although they were in a car, and on land they had their life jackets on. I know there are some people doing the wrong thing and its good to see them being proactive but I wish one had fallen in a puddle and his jacket went PUFF.


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You sure they weren't bullet proof vests 😜.

Obviously some WH&S rule for them but of your not leaving land then maybe supplying them with swimming lesson might be our money better spent 🙄

They do frequent ramps  to  much imo & personally I think they need to randomly show up at piers & areas of shoreline for people doing the wrong thing.

But that might be to hard work for them :whistling:

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