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Xmas Drinks


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Guest maraudingmado

Great Northern Hotel 522 Pacific Highway Chatswood. That's the address.

Now can someone tell me where everyone would be meeting as I wouldn't know anyone and don't want to start waffling on to non interested/fishing type people :tease::tease:

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Which end of the beer garden were you all I was there from 7 till 745pm.

I tacked onto a table between the Large Camphor Laurel and the middle tree.

Had 3 beers and a meal and couldnt see any Raiders hats or T shirts so I went to the bar and the bar lady said someone was in Thursday night looking for fishermen.

Not a weather beaten face in sight?????? :05:

:thumbdown: I wasnt going but saw the post which aid the 8th.Looks like itv was the wrong night by the sounds of it.

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Guest lbgking

You got the right night!!

You couldn't miss us we were the rowdy

ones in the middle of the beer garden

Laurie :1fishing1:

You were the rowdy one. We were all well behaved.

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