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Quintrex 570 OS Leaky Cab


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Looking for Quinny 570 Ocean Spirit owners who have had issues with leaking cabins. Mine is a 2015 with full clears (yes they have minor leaks) but I am having major issues with water draining to the lower end of the walk through aluminium hatch surround (Imagine where your legs would rest when accessing the anchor) the water seems to be accumulating on the forward side of this and the dripping over the cushions. I originally thought it was the hatch seal but it doesn’t seem to be the case. There also seems to be water dripping from the intersection of the windscreen and the dash. It seems to be soaking through the seal beneath the screen? Whether it is rain or just spray, the cabin is frustratingly “not dry”. While I’m at the point of stripping the roof liner out and hosing it down to find the leaks, I just wanted to check the forums to see if anyone had similar probs and solutions?

Cant beat a fully sealed hard top eh?

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51 minutes ago, motiondave said:

and the larger plate ones (*similar to Zorans)

Hmmm. I think you have my boat confused with another. My barrycuda is a Fibreglass hull.  I do have a custom ally/stainless/plate glass hardtop bolted on. 
cheers Zoran 

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2 hours ago, dunc333 said:

that was me that gave you a wave  from the red boat at abbottsford last sunday Zoran. we were braining the flatties cheers dunc333

👍👍 Morning or arvo? Pretty sure we went through there 50-60kmh and my eyes are fixated on watch out for rowers and sailing skiffs. 
Did you see the extra whale watch crew member ?? —


cheers Zoran 

ps - apologies to OP for digression 

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