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South West Rocks NSW Trip over Easter - Advice Needed


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Hello Raiders,

I'm a long time reader and first time poster to this awesome forum, even before becoming a member I have been reading all of your wonderful posts for years, and am already thankful to everyone on here for all the information that you provide to each other and me!

That brings me to the point of my post, I am planning a trip up to SWR for the Easter long weekend, I've been up there once before and had a blast catching kingys, dollies and mack tuna. Mainly fishing around Fish Rock and a few reefs. Sorry I should mention I have a 7m centre console, tri-hull, Eagle Ray Boat.

This time I have significantly beefed up my gear (Tiagra and Makiara)and had my sights set on the "big ones" Marlin and Tuna. Haha

Now I'm relatively new to game-fishing so I am yet to catch one of these beasts (I did manage to hook a small black marlin off Sydney, on my kingfish gear 50lbs braid and 50lbs leader, which lasted all of about 20 seconds, till the fish jumped and spat the hook!) 

But I figured SWR is the closest place to the shelf so I'd just zoom out to the shelf and try trolling around some lures and see what happens. It can't be much more complicated then that? Right?? Hahaha I'm sure there is ALOT more I have to learn about this type of fishing.

So if any raiders have any advice regarding catching Tuna or Marlin, particularly at SWR I would be really grateful.

Thanks Everyone!

Tight Linez!


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Greetings Hamstr,

I cannot see any replies so can I ask if you had any joy in getting a respose?? I am going to be fishing out off the Gaol last weekend in March 2020 so was hoping someone could assist with some marks!! I suppose if the Yak fishers can hook marlin off the gaol there shouldn't be too much "black" magic but I will have the bride with me so wont be able to go too far..

I don't have marks for wide but plenty of boats from Sydney seem to find plenty of fish. I will phone Kirk at Complete Angler Kempsey as he's always really helpful. Your plotter should show the location of the fad.


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I know they were getting a lot of small blacks out front of the gaol before  the rain coloured the water up.

Checkout some videos from didios country to coast, shows them getting some.

I don't have marks but I think the tackle shop at south west rocks will help.

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Would be worth investing in a decent dredge teaser or similar if you haven’t got one already. Will definitely help for the marlin especially. We raise 2-3 times the amount of marlin than we used to just using a witch doctor. Personal experience though, I’m sure others have had more or less success with others but made a huge difference for us. Works really well on mahi mahi too 👍

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Sounds good but the only teaser I'll have will be in a bikini. If you're going wide check the currents on the BOM  and look for any bird activity and the radio. Sometimes its only a single bird hanging around that tips off a beaky. And be careful of the bar.

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