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  1. I understand The Paddocks is the oyster farms upstream of the bridge to Wallis Island. Third party reports of Whiting and good number of flathead. Some Tailor are about on the stones. And 2 trips outside last week saw the tax rate at a sready 100% on the inshore reefs.
  2. Love our work Neil. Great to catch up and a worthy excuse (do we need one!!) to get out of the office and on to the water. Thank you for visiting - you're always welcome. The Coopy Pub is a reliable stand by when challenged by the weather. We really enjoy your pottery and one of the only "official" Fishraider Mugs. You are very skilled. Based on other reports we did better than most with most fishers going bagless and with a wet backside.
  3. Super report mate. Congrats on the big effort on The Bucket. Maybe we should call you the Curango Kid. That country up there is good for the soul.
  4. Glad you enjoyed yourselves. I was crossing the bridge the other day and the Dolphins were playing around just upstream which caused a traffic jam as cars stopped on the bridge to watch them. Such is life.
  5. Great report - Thank you. Wish I had known of your success I was in your area last week!! I thoroughly agree that more "research" is required. Maybe a colour change!! Thats a huge difference from your previous trip. Goes to show the fish were there - you just have to match the hatch so to speak.
  6. Thank you for an excellent report Dave, Great news for the Hastings considering the impact of the 2021 floods. An auspicious year for Ciccadas and therefore surface action confirmed by your report. (Where is Big Neil!!) The upper Bellinger River is also alive with ciccadas as is the upper Manning. FYI young fulla went to the shelf off Forster yesterday. Water reportedly a "mild" 29*!! Report of a Blue and several Stripes plus some donkey Dollies. That should give you and yours some surface action off Port. Thanks for the report
  7. Last year when the lake was rising rapidly we found earth worms just above the water line. by peeling up the grass This year was much more difficult but still found some. You can look for scrub worms too under logs etc. Or stop at the Caltex in Adaminably and buy some. The lake was almost up to the old highway bridge at Providence Portal in November. We had success off the bank just below the Portal (where the water from Tantangarra comes out) using worms. Easy access in a vehicle or park and walk. Lots of success this year in the Providence Arm. Good Luck.
  8. Thanks for the report Scratchie. Is that a different boat??!!
  9. Thanks Dave - they are magnificent looking fish. Thanks for the report & photos. It only takes one fish to make a trip.
  10. We fished the Snowy Festival in early November. Spent a few days up the rivers fly fishing - except Uncle Yogi had closed areas off and posted signs preventing any photography or videoing of NPWS Staff or contractors - coincided with the helicopters and horse reduction scheme. They flew over us one day on the upper Bidgee. A Law unto Themselves.
  11. There is a guy on the tube with a comprehensive series on doing up his Haines - includes stringer & transom. Cannot recall his name or chanell so do a search on Haines Hunter would be my recommendation. He goes into a lot of detail on different chop sizes etc Very thorough. Good luck.
  12. Hi Neil I am feeling for you. We spent a lot of time at the "Reserves" along the Bidgee back when the reserves provided the only public access to the river and were the main source of getting together. If National Sparks And Wildfires have taken over the Public's Reserves then the Public have been duped and robbed (again). They appear to consider any area under their control and their own sacred areas and lock the public out. Time for an ownership change!! As for MI - don't get us started. It never happened back in the mid 90's now they are so frightened in their ignorance they have a hair trigger. There is no valid excuse for such a significant drop in river height in such a short period of time. Hope the situation improves for you. Maybe a trip up the coast is in order!!
  13. Hi Edd will you be up over the weekend?
  14. I agree with raising your transom. Have recently done this to my V17 and repowered with a 140 4 stroke. No more lower section of engine sitting in the water at sea. We filled in the lower hole in the motor well keeping a higher hole to run everything through for the motor including new hydraulic steering. Much safer and now no chance of water getting in the boat. I have seen a boat that sank at sea because of the large holes in the motor well which were not adequately protected with rubber boots - same as you mentioned - the water kept slopping over the 20" transom and went unnoticed untill too late. Good luck
  15. North Haven wall is popular near the cleaning tables however may only be for the winter bream run. Get some nippers and explore.
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