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  1. Anywhere downstream of Goolagong on the Lachlan towards Forbes after the belubula joins with the Lachlan has plenty of cod, a lot of undersized fish but that’s not a bad thing and all very healthy. There are plenty of public access areas, check google maps and is a great place to fish in a kayak or tinnie with an electric. River is very low at the moment, releases out of carcoar dam have slowed right down. Spinnerbaits/chatterbaits work well but be prepared to lose a lot as river is chock full of timber. Really good surface fishing also but may be getting a bit late in the year now Have had most success with yabbies and good old cheese, makes it easy for the kids too, photos from last weekend Wyangala is still fishing ok, you’ll need a boat to target cod. Have caught the occasional one off the bank but not often If you need some spots on the Lachlan send me a PM 👍
  2. I’m heading over there for work next week, I’ll grab some leftovers I have and drop it over somewhere. I’ll make sure it’s coated in hand sanitiser too 😉
  3. What size are you after?
  4. This is Tasmania’s stance on boating. Definitely the clearest guidelines I have seen yet. Whether they apply the exact same rules all other states should be putting out a list of what is permitted to prevent confusion https://coronavirus.tas.gov.au/families-community/gatherings-faqs/boating-and-fishing-faqs
  5. I’ve been searching for a genuine source too, it’s so hard with all the opinions and the sort going around, I always wait until i see a verified source from the premier or the WHO etc had a bloke try to tell me today that he read on Facebook that the virus dies above 32 degrees. I replied with “well my body is around 37 degrees, does that mean if I get it then the virus will die?” He replied with “I didn’t think of that, gees I’m a bloody idiot” 😂 I called Marine rescue on Monday, they advised to call NSW Maritime, who then advised me to try the local police, who couldn’t confirm but said it is advised to stay at home so I think everyone is as confused as each other
  6. Didn’t have much at all growing up so fishing really appealed to me. I remember a distant random Uncle taking me out near Wollongong when I was 8 or 9 and being hooked ever since. The fact we could get out and most times end up with a good feed and as a hungry kid was a great incentive. As kids we used to fish for Redfin in our towns water supply by ourselves from age 10 and up, and would more often than not stock our freezer with fillets. At the time I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather be doing but looking back it was a fantastic “free“ source of protein for three growing boys, a great outlet emotionally and also kept us out of the old girls hair most afternoons haha. Used to eat it a few times a week and still brings back fond memories on the odd occasion we have a feed of Redfin Now my own kids are loving catching their own fish for dinner and I couldn’t be happier 👍
  7. I have an ET 2-5kg baitcaster rod I bought when I was 15, about 20yrs ago, sure it was about 60 bucks as a combo. Now on its 4th reel, and have caught 95cm cod, 80cm king, countless bonito and Mack tuna, and the young fulla caught a 5ft hammerhead on it over the Christmas holidays so is now his favourite rod, uses it for everything. It’s outlived many rods I’ve owned that cost up to 10 times as much
  8. Raiders Was watching a fishing show today (one of the many daily for the foreseeable future) and a couple of guys were arguing about what to say when you set the hook into a good fish I hadn’t thought about it before, what are everyone’s go to phrases? I usually default to the standard “yep!” but am also fairly keen on throwing in the odd Bill Lawry “Oh got him yes he’s gone!” let us know yours I’m sure there’ll be a few laughs 😂
  9. For a cheap easy trap try cutting the top off a 2l soft drink bottle right where it stops tapering, invert, punch a couple of holes either side and tie some rope to stop it coming apart. Throw a rock or weight in to stop it floating away and some bread and leave in shallow water for an hour or so. You can cut the neck bigger to for larger baits
  10. Bucket list fish crossed off last year in Thailand, Arapaima, was like hooking a car 😂
  11. If you feel like a drive up to tea gardens in the next few weeks would be more than happy to take you out on our boat, bonito a guarantee and hopefully others 🤞. Will be heading out for the next few weekends if you are keen send me a Pm 👍
  12. Have a 175 optimax on our 6.5m plate alloy cuddy, fuel efficiency is surprisingly good, weighs in 2.1 ton, but if noise is a worrying factor I wouldn’t recommend an oil injected 2 stroke, they’re fairly bulletproof but also fairly noisy especially around 15-20 knots. But can do a full day (0530-1600) in and around Broughton and use 55-70 litres launching from tea gardens. Not sure on the exact L/hr If you’re set on the 2 stroke also factor in the lower servicing costs and intervals, pretty much cancels out the extra cost of the oil i contacted mercury regarding the optimax prior to purchasing the boat, they said a lot of pro cray fisherman down south use them exclusively due to their reliability. Would recommend calling the Melbourne branch they were very helpful good luck 👍
  13. Good idea mate I’ll take a jacket just in case 👍
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