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looking for experienced rock fishing partner


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hi my name is rhys this is my first post im looking for rock  fishing partners who fish all up and down the nsw coast.

i moved to sydney last year in march and have not met my people how like to fish as hard as i do.

i spin and bait off the rocks in most conditions, 

i am looking for a person that i dont have to babysit and has all there own safety gear as i have always fished alone

i looking chase tuna and king fish (big game) but also fish beaches and would love to get better at squidding

i have been a chef of 13 years and am taking some time  off so im fishing most days so hit me up for a fish and if all goes well start planning some trips

i am based in Sydney so hit me up enytime

ps. i dont take meany pictures just showing people me and where i go


fish 2.jpg

me fish.jpg

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On ‎3‎/‎14‎/‎2020 at 12:57 PM, Flanno said:

tuna are off iluka atm. Im on my way to rock fish off 1770 and will be back in Sydney soon. Hit me up id be keen to organise a trip with ya mate 

F ME that's a long drive for a rock sesh lol how did you go 

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