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Wide of Narooma


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Headed out early on the charter "Playstation" chasing Marlin in around 160 fathoms.  Managed to raise a Mako around the 90kg mark which put on a deep fight but didn't jump or put on much of a show, even very placid at the boat , which is a good thing I guess.  No luck with Marlin, only one hooked up on the day and there were quite a few boats out trying.  After a few hours trolling we started hitting the trap floats for dollies and we ended up with around a dozen and I managed a PB of 95cm, not huge but a nice fish that went down a treat!!  Good day had by all,  will be heading back in early March to hit it wide again in my boat as my deckie is now recuperated and keen as after this last trip.



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It's a shame the marlin seemed to turn on late in the afternoon that day but the day before had been very good all through the day.

We got to see one of the biggest numbers of marlin on the surface Ive seen so far, thought it was a pod of dolphins at first.

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