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Ramsgate Beach 27-28 Feb 2020


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With all the bad weather, bush fires and my car was with the mechanic for almost a month, hadn't been out fishing as much as i wanted to. The last time i went was with @eladamrine a few weeks ago. No blackfish so i switch to garfish instead. Caught enough garfish for a meal - pan fry.

On Wednesday, my uncle invited me to goes fishing with him. We went to Kurnell National Park not to fish but to help him apply for his pensioner free park pass. Apparently you can't apply online anymore so you had to do in person. It will take 2-3 week and the park staff advise us to apply 1 month prior to its expiry as there is no intrim pass...next time. Don't want to pay so we went to Potter Point instead.  Its rock fishing! We got the right shoes but one 1 x lifejacket between 2 of us so we stay on high ground to fish. We saw 2 other people fishing... no lifejacket either and one of them is down at the water's edge fishing alone. I just don't know what to said. Anyway, the dude down there caught 2 good size blackfish or drummer. Whereas we played safe caught no keepers and i am happy that way and safe.

Since nothing on Wednesday, I thought i give my usual spot(Ramsgate Beach) a try on Thursday. The weed at Tonbridge St already shown signs of dying. Give it another 2-3 weeks, they'll be all gone. As for now, they are still usable. But no bites on the weed though. I thought i will switch to garfish instead, nothing either. As a last resort, i adjust my bait lower to see if there is anything at the bottom. Alas, finally a yellowtail scad = live bait. I use a 2 hook rig on the bait and free spool it to run free. It only take 30 minutes to yield result. As my line takes drag, it is definitely something really heavy and fast on the other end. I tighten the drag a bit to wear it down. As soon as i start winding, something snapped and then nothing. I was spewing, the mono line between the 2 hooks was cut clean off - damn tailor. Luckily as a consolation, the bait rod goes off soon after. Yielding a legal size trevally 32ccm. To end the day, caught a few more yellowtails for bait. Also many small tailors and breams all goes back to fight another day.

Still couldn't get over the lost hence going back this morning. Couldn't catch a single bait fish, not even bream or tailor! But to my surprise, the blackfishes are biting. A lots of small one but managed 3 keepers. 2 x 29cm and 1 x 32cm. The girlfriend should be happy as she'd been complaining about eating frozen blackfish from the freezer.

That just shown that not every day the same. Persistence help but you had to be versatile as well.









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