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Greater Sydney back to level 1 water restrictions from today

kingie chaser

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Hi all...solar panels and battery’s are a waste of money and not to mention what they are made from.lead,lithium,acid plastic.cant think of the rare metal that goes into panels and the mining involved.do your research.

ive lived on numerous occasions up capeyork caretaking large cattle stations,working or just fishing and hunting.when caretaking,the most important job is monitoring and maintaining the solar power.without diesel backup they are useless.once the system gets a few years old,batteries die on a monthly basis a $1000.00 battery dies.once the system is about 10yrs old the panels start to be inefficient,by 15 yrs the system works poorly.thank goodness for the primitive dirty old diesel lister geny to keep the power supplied.diesel ain’t cheap,coal is cheaper and cleaner.

btw,co2 is plant food.how the world had been conned that it is bad I will never know.the more co2 the greener the planet will get.plants breath in co2 and breath out oxygen.

im sure I just rocked the boat.

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Mr Cruncher, you opened up a can of worms....


Yes, CO2 is plant food, but we are making it far faster than plants can take it in, and the problem is increased with deforestation. That extra CO2 floating around is whats causing the greenhouse effect. 




data is not subjective.....

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Hi all...the earth was once all co2,maybe it’s all normalising lol.

i spent the last 35yrs chasing pigs with my dogs in the Forrest’s that were constantly logged,the funny thing is the Forrest’s grow back.who would ever imagine that.watch all the scrub that got burnt out this summer,the fires fertilised the scrub and the scrubs going to come back faster than ever.

i wonder how much pollution man has to make to equal this summers fires or a volcano eruption.me think we pollute very little in the big picture,doesn’t mean we should pollute though.this climate change thing is full of lies.

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Hi all...while I’m at it...we had a dam proposed to be built up dungog.the water board bought all the land up at premium prices.the activists and politicians put a stop to it.then some of the local councillors bought up some of the premium properties at a fraction of the price.

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