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wood turning ?


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Hi guys. Bought myself a cheap small wood turning lathe to start up a new hobby. Thinking of making some spools for Alvey reels and some hand casters from various types of wood. I have a heap of Camphor Laurel logs which I believe is a popular furniture making wood so will see how these turn out. So far just kicking off with some very simple items like egg cups and pen pencil holders but as I get a bit better at it I will start making bowls of all sizes and shapes.

Probably something to give away at Christmas time IF I think what I make is worth giving to anyone for presents.

I know a lot of us fisho's have different hobbies aside from fishing so what is a few hobbies that others do ?. I know Big Neil is into pottery and he makes some very nice items. Please use this space to show us all what other hobbies you have.


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Good onya Frank. With your creativity you'll be "turning" out some nice stuff in no time. Can I be the first to place an order? I would like a shallow bowl with a decent foot on it, nicely varnished. I'll leave the rest to you. Cheers, Neil

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Since retiring hurt from the building game, I have turned my other hobby into a part time profession. I now work as a real estate photographer. Not only does it help pay the bills, but I can now claim new gear as a tax deduction.
I'd love to see some of your Alvey spools turned up Frank. Camphor laurel comes up looking nice and is a popular turners timber. Everyone in the street will know when you have the lathe on as the scent of the wood is unmistakable. Good luck with it.

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School I guess for me is the bigger part of my life at the moment but not for much longer. My main hobby outside fishing is Karate, been doing it for 9 years. Almost at the magic 10 year mark. Proabably a lot of you out there who do a martial art as-well. 

@Green Hornet you also mention that camphor laurel smell. I work for my brother who makes camphor laurel chopping boards and yes you can smell my house from a mile but when you have your face in that smell all day your eyes start watering. 

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