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Windy and Rainy fishing session... worth it?


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So just wondering am i wasting my time by going out this week for a fish in botany bay....Looking at the forecast the wind is going to be mid to high 20 km per hour and a southerly and a pretty goof chance it may rain. does it have an impact on fishing ?

obviously i may be wrong but the wind impacts comfort as it may get a little choppy in the bay, and i think i have read after it rains water is not the best from runoff and stuff like that.... but it is a waste of time or still worth a shot going out ?




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It can depend, i love fishing in the rain as run off = food and the hot shower afterwards is godlike. The wind on the other hand is a no for me. its usually windier on the bay than the 20-30km hr forcasted wind and windchop can get quite knarly in botany bay. If your landbased dont even bother, even if the wind is behind you, it dose shift alot 

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