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Sans Souci Fishing


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Hi Team,

Anyone fished at Sans Souci Wharf? The wharf near Bass & Flinders Cruises.

If you see on Google Maps you can see a man sitting down with his fishing rod... 

I am just seeing if anyone has fished here and if so, what bait was used.

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I have. It gets packed out and really busy. Given how easy it is to get there (parking is super close), it's great for young ones - lots of undersize bream, occasional tailor, rare flathead. Often a strong current given adjacent to bridge. 

I personally hate fishing there unless there are few people there - lines get tangled, often is a mess from previous fishos not cleaning up (especially in the morning from overnight fishos who neglect the wharf). If I do fish there, it would be: lures to keep moving mid-water and deep or trying my luck at squid and blackfish (though the rocks just under the bridge nearby are better).

I spend 99% of my fishing in sans Souci at the beach - there are flats nearby, pump some yabbies and cast into the drop off (right at your feet at low tide). If I don't feel like using bait, I'll use lures in the same spot (i.e. into the drop off at low tide). I've caught incredible quality bream, whiting and flathead, undersize kingfish (not often though!), occasional trevally and more often than I would like, small and medium sized stingrays (good fun till you realise what is). If you don't mind wet feet then you will get way more return on your time.

Otherwise, the many rock groynes will produce as well and harder to walk around (hence less people) - there is a member on FR who cleans up on blackfish off the groynes with freshly gathered weed in the local area - checkout their post if blackfish is your thing .

TL/DR: avoid the wharf, much better options very close.

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