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Iluka Breakwall Fishing

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Hi guys and girls,

I am heading up to Iluka in 2 weeks to spend 3 full days fishing. I am planning on chasing mackerel and tuna from the breakwall during the day and Jews at night. Does anyone know if people have been catching tuna and Mack’s from the break wall recently? 

I have never fished for tuna or mackerel so I’m after some advice on what lures I should be throwing and what live bait can I catch from the wall? 
And what leader and wire should I be using? My plan is to spin with lures early and late in the day then use live bait when the sun is higher throughout the day.

Also is there any particular spots I should be fishing along the wall? Or do I just head out to the point and try there?


Any advice people can give me for fishing from the stones for mackerel and tuna in that part of the world will be greatly appreciated.




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Hi Phil,

How was the fishing trip to Illuka breakwall?

If you plan on going back, do you mind if I join you if time permits.

I am from Sydney.

I have never fished for tuna or mackerel either and am interested in chasing them.

Thank you.


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@Central Coast Fisherman sorry I missed your post, 1st time Ive seen it.

Unfortunaley when people are busy or just have no if 1st hand experience things go unanswered, when that happens to me I just do my own research as there is plenty available on the net.

How ddid you go anyway??

Looks like a pretty amazing spot to vist & those walls look so long.

Anyway I know its to late but for anyone who will be headed up that way(never been myself but its on the list) here is some info could help in the future, just article I have found on the net that are worth a read






By the look of some of the fish in these stories & the footage I hope you were geared up 😱

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