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Wollongong Head Lighthouse


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Heading to Wollongong for a few days work tomorrow, and fingers crossed will be going for a couple of night sessions while I’m there. Staying just across from the lighthouse, was planning on hopefully getting a couple of yellow tail or squid and fishing some livies off the break wall land based, and flicking a few plastics around the moorings for bream etc. Has anyone fished nearby recently and have any other suggestions? And are there any exclusion zones nearby that I might be missing?

It’s not much fun sitting in a motel room by yourself so I’m not too bothered if I don’t get anything worthwhile, just good to get out

Thanks for your help 👍


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2 hours ago, kingie chaser said:

Cant see any restriction on this map



Not sure about their PFD rules?


Good luck & just make sure you keep 1.5mtrs from anyone else 🙄

Good idea mate I’ll take a jacket just in case 👍

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Hi mate should have no trouble with the squid there in the harbour, even i can get them as a matter of fact its the only place i seem to be able to catch them. Have got the usual small pelagics and a few bream too. Good luck.

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