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Downrigging for Kings

the skipper

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Hi Fishraiders,

I am looking at trying my hand at down rigging for kings. Never done it before but have seen some good catches of my favorite sport fish caught this way.

Need some advice on which to buy I have done a bit of research and it looks to me like that the Cannon brand have good reviews and they appear to have a reasonable range at different price levels. 

The idea that I can put a live bait in front of king at a certain depth consistantly is an exciting prospect. I have been marking what appears to be good size kings on my sounder but it is hit and miss with the depth I run my live bait and repeatedly frustrating not hooking up after do hard work to locate them in the first place.

I would appreciate any opinions and tips.


The Skipper  

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rarely fish for them any other way-it allows you to quickly hunt down the fish and still present the best baits to them-plus its a lot more interesting than sitting on an anchor waiting for a bite-which generally i hate- ask away guys. On your first question-ive had both Cannon and Scotty and they are both good-dont go cheap and look at your placement on your transom or gunnels very carefully before mounting up.

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