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Ramsgate rocks


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Hey raiders

Hit ramsgate rock groynes yesterday morning with the brother in law

Arrived about 630am water looked fantastic flat as a tack

Useing prawns pilchards and stips of mullet 

First few casts land tiny little sqiure not 1 keeper at all they were just pinching our baits 

Tried up grading to big strip of mullet 15min of being in bang the rod goes off hopeing its a big flattie but no luck brother in law pulls up a banjo shark about 50cm better than not catching anything i suppose

Couple of kids rocked up on their pushbikes and rods good to see the young ones still keen 

About 1/2 hr later one of the kids pulles up a port jackson about 30cm he was as proud as punch catching it gloating to his mate we give him the thumbs up

After that it pretty much went dead even the bait thieves were gone lol

Another guy rocks up throwing out 3 live yakkas we sith there till about 11am and no one has any luck 

Hope next sat we have better luck on the boat in the bay!!!

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