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  1. Hi ive got a 17ft boat Looking for someone to come for a day out every now and then You just need to tow it and maybe go halves in bait and fuel Looking to go out in botany bay or where ever you like
  2. Hi doona thanks how much for postage to 2195 Cheers joe
  3. Thanks heaps will take a look
  4. Thanks for the helpful info much appreciated id be more than willing to pay my for for fuel etc on a private boat if there is anyone willing for me to tqg along and learn a few things!!!
  5. Hi raiders I was wondering if you guys could help me out to find a eay going relaxed game fishing club that goes out on charters or similar i like to join locally prefered if possible but willing to travel i live in the roselands area and am a beginner to game fishing i have been out a so any help would be fantastic Thanks raiders
  6. Well done very nice where and how did you catch the poddy mullets any info would be a great help
  7. Thanks kingie your champ!!!
  8. After being in lockdown so long my 11 yr old son is climbing the walls time to get out for a bit decided to go land base fishing tomorrow as the trailer lights on the boat trailer are out of order lol Just wanting to ask you great raiders for any top spots i could take him we are from roselands so im think8ng the bay or georges river my luck land based fishing has been lets say a faliure and im tired of being bagged out on how bad iam by the son lol Cheers raiders
  9. Great vid kingie thanks heaps
  10. I think i need to look at a pic of dacron leaders over rubber bands lol as an upholsterer i only use dacron on cushions lol
  11. Hey james where do you fish for kings?
  12. 100% kingie botany bay!!!
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