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Down rigging for Kings

the skipper

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Well my timing could have probably been better but I splurged out on a down rigger just in time to not be able to use it so I will have plenty of time to read the instructions ( maybe).

I got a Cannon 10STX manual uni troll model which has a good amount of features without being to complicated and easy operation. It is probably mid range as far as price is concerned so I am hoping it will give us some consistant results.

Spoken to a number of fishos that use down riggers and the common opinion is that down rigging live bait for kings is the best option and much better feel for the fish once hooked without the extras weight of a big sinker between you and the fish.

Would really appreciate your opinions good or bad about this style of fishing.


The Skipper 

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The only time there is an issue is if some structure sneaks up on the sounder that’s shallower than your rigger depth & your not quick enough to wind the bomb up, otherwise like @PaddyT 

3 hours ago, PaddyT said:

you will wonder how you went fishing without one!


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