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Saving rusty hooks on lures


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Just found a box of hardbodied lures that had rusty hooks on them as moisture had gotten in.

  A quick way to save the hooks is dunking them in hydrochloric acid for a couple of minutes followed by dunking them in  freshwater to neutralise the acid.You will see the acid bubbling eating the rust away.I use a hook sharpener on the trebles afterwards,let dry and store.It won't harm the lures finish at all.

  Be very careful and wear gloves and goggles if you're a goose as the acid will burn if you spill it on your skin or splash your eyes.Also don't stand over it as the fumes are strong.

   This works great on any rusty metal.I use it all the time including electrolysis. 




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37 minutes ago, Rebel said:

I notice you use a clip on your lure. there are some better ones around,that are smaller and work well.


Hi mate.I don't use clips i use a lefties loop knot.That particular lure i found out fishing.

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