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Murray Cod Lures

Will Wright

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Mate there are dozens  spinnerbaits  surface walkers  deep or shallow divers  chatterbaits  soft plastics  depends on location  depth  snags ?? Weed ??  Water clarity     i have 6 large boxes full of divers   two large soft bags of spinnerbaits  and a dozen surface walkers     hard a question to give specifics

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3 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

Two fave colours in spbaits are purple black    chartruese yellow    in divers i like green yellow frog colours   red black  purple     pink    in sps  i like browns or black  work them super slow on bottom like a crawdad

OK thanks

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12 hours ago, Will Wright said:

Any specific colours? I bought a TT frogerz purple one today and a purple bassman. 

Red / black works best (for me) in the River. More important how they're used though. Cast hard into the timber, allow to sink (often get hit on the drop), retrieve VERY slowly. Hit the same area numerous times...Cod often become aggressive when something persistently invades their space. bn



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