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HEADLESS MOVIE CLIPS 2 - Can you name the movies?


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PLEASE NAME THE MOVIES - give me the number and name 

1. FORREST GUMP (kingie chaser)

 forrest gump inv.jpgforrest gump ans.jpg

2. HALLOWEEN (kingie chaser)

halloween inv.jpghalloween ans.jpg

3. POLTERGUIST (kingie chaser)

poltergeist inv.jpgpoltergeist ans.jpg

4. SPIDERMAN (Jocler)

spider man inv.jpgspider man ans.jpg

5. ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE ( not answered)

ace ventura pet detective inv.jpgace ventura pet detective ans.jpg

6. AMERICAN PIE (Jocler)

american pie inv.jpgamerican pie ans.jpg



city slickers inv.jpgcity slickers ans.jpg

8. DUNKIRK (kingie chaser)

dunkirk inv.jpgdunkirk ans.jpg


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Guest Guest123456789

1. Forrest gump

2. Halloween

3. Poltergeist 

4. Spiderman 

5. The invisible man

6. Wayne’s World

7. Ferris Buellers day off

8. Gallipoli 

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