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Mounting Lowrance SplitShot to Yak

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Hey Guys, 

Just got myself a Kayak2fish next gen 10mk II. The yak has a transducer mounting plate but having some trouble getting it right. 

Started with it on the outside direct water contact however it was the lowest point and high risk of damaging when launching / retrieving... 

I've moved it to under the plate but noticed a significant increase in "noise" on the sounder and the structure scan not working as clear through the plate. 

Any suggestions- Is my best bet to cut out the plastic below and allow full transducer-water contact(keeping it safe above the bash plate)? Thought I'd ask before hacking up the plate 😁👍

Thanks raiders!


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So you old transducer worked on this mount??

Im not familiar with yak mounts.


I did see a cool mod the other day somewhere that could help but would have to find it again.


Looking at that plate I don't really see how anything is supposed to fit to it & work?



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I believe BerleyPro make a thinner cover, Don't have any personal experience as a run a side arm, you would need to check comparability with a knowledgeable person. A Hobie dealer might stock them in Sydney

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Thanks for the replies guys! 

I actually have the Berley Pro visor and mount on my Hook. They seem quite well made. 

Although my transducer is a split shot not the triple shot but am going to reach out to Berley Pro and see if their mount(attached photo) will fit my yak and the slightly different transducer. 

Back to the workshop. Will share pics once I find a resolution and update to a how-to 😁👍




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Updated photo reference
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