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Some Type of Cod? (Seven Bar Grouper/ Bar Cod)



Any idea what fish this? I’m too lazy to get my Grant’s Guide to Fishes out! I was thinking some type of cod. Would it be protected? It was released.  About 42cm, caught in 38m off Port Stephens while drifting for flathead (I found a small patch of reef amongst the sand).



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Yes, I’m leaning towards a bar cod from pictures I’ve googled. I’ll dig out my Grant’s Guide to Fishes sometime today and have a good read. I wasn’t thinking black cod - I saw a 120lb one caught on a charter at Lord Howe Island years ago. The markings were totally different.

DPI has this info on banded rock cod (bar cod) but the pic doesn’t show the white edge trim on the tail but it looks a lot like it just the same:


Caught in 38m with a small standard red rock cod on the other dropper.

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I asked the people that are in the know and they say its a "Epinephelus ergastularius"  Sevenbar Groper/ Banded Rock Cod/ Bar Cod.

The Juveniles vertical bands are a definite white going right up to the tip of the dorsal fin, very pretty fish.

I suppose its like us, we don't look as good when we get a bit of age ........ I'll speak for myself 😁

I'm lead to  believe a Juvenile was photographed at Fly Point, Port Stephens and JonP's Daughter photographed one in Wagonga Inlet.

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