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Thanks guys for your interest in the wrap i had done on my boat which was a metallic vinyl flat colour and vinyl cut accents.

With the approval of mrsswordfisherman Community Manager, i'll share a more outlandish wrap we have done in recent times. This particular wrap is printed vinyl. With printed vinyl you can have pretty much whatever you like on it as our friend here has. Printed vinyl does not have the life span of the flat colours before you may see some fading and early signs of vinyl failure. You are looking at about 5 years normal use however that can be extended by garaging and using appropriate cleaning products and protection material.

For anyone wanting to try wrapping their own boats at home which is very possible some of the things you will want to be aware of is the way the vinyl kicks when moving around the flare of the boat. In the case of this boat out of telwater the welds weren't fantastic and there was some early signs of corrosion. These can both contribute to a shortened life of vinyl wraps. Where possible we finished the wrap short of welds and gave the corroded area a hit with some wet and dry sand paper. The ribbing of the boat doesn't cause as many issues as you may think it would because you still have quite a lot of flat surface to work with and have the vinyl adhere to.

I hope you guys find the above info interesting and helpful. Here is the pic of the boat


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Hi mate are you Craig from Signage One ?

It is Paul here from ADCOAT Graphic Solutions you have bought some of my two pack coating for banners.

I have a 6mt Sailfish which I would like to wrap can you call on 0412 383 240 to talk cost.


The Skipper

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