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Which Abu Rod ??


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A quick query ………

I am looking at getting back into a spot of recreational fishing after a looonnnnnnnng break.  Last weekend I looked at my fishing tackle and frankly its seen better days, especially my then favourite rod now complete with a newly broken tip – a Daiwa Procaster.  So I have been looking for a replacement, keeping in mind that I am looking for value for money at this stage and see how I go before committing to more expensive gear.  

So far I have gotten down to 2 Abu G’s – the Salty Fighter and the Veritas.  Light, ~2m and 1-3kg,…….to be used for inner harbour local bream and the occasional walking inland rivers spinning for trout. 

At this stage I am only looking at these rods – yes, I have looked at others, the usual big 2, but like these.  Both have pretty good reviews and I have some nice Abu  Reels that have been faultless since ....+15 years ago ?

Any suggestions ??  Thanks !!!

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Just now, kingie chaser said:


You mean Medicare still send cheque's 🤨

Yes, I know, that's what I thought  - but this one was quite old .....11 months, just enough to cover the extra rod 

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