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Ramsgate Beach 30 June 2020


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Nice weather virtually zero wind so decided to give Ramsgate Beach Flathead a go. Had a big brunch and got to Ramsgate Beach at around 11am.  

Wow. So many people fishing. Of the 4 groynes nearby, 3 are occupied. There are at least 3 fisho flicking their SP while walking along the beach.  And there are 3 more different groups of people staking their beach rods along the beach.. at least 12 rods side by side.



The plan is hopping between groynes chasing flathead using SP but at the same time stake out my blackfish rods to see if there is any bites. Not much luck with the SP, felt one or two bite but failed to set the hook. Other people doesn't seems to have any luck with the flathead either. Well, at least my blackfish rod score this little bugger(24cm) within the first half hour. Kept in the bucket to take photo only and released after.


 In the next 2 hours, caught three more all between 34cm-35cm. Since blackfish isn't my primary target, so i didn't bother to burley. May have caught more if i did.


Still zero luck with the SP and the water is getting a bit too high for this groynes. I managed to hopped to the next groyne before my feet get wet. Talked to 2 guys fishing on the beach in between, not much luck either.

As soon as i staked out my blackfish rods on the second groyne, caught another 35cm blackfish. And that is very much it for the day. Talked to one of the guy lure fishing. He said he hooked 3 flatheads but 2 were too small and were release, the 3rd was 40+ but he failed to land it. 

Left early today as mum is complaining though i caught fish but never bring back in time for dinner. We steamed the smallest one for dinner and fillet the remaining three, deep fried them in batter and store them in the freezer for future snack. Just couldn't help myself hence grilled some for late super.


Anyway, having another bash at the flathead tomorrow. 



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I have been more impressed with your blackfish efforts, especially where you are fishing.  Well done there!

I also fish the shores of Botany Bay for flathead.  I do it in late Spring/early Summer and I do it every year.  Sometimes they start by Sept/Oct and in other years, nothng much happens until December. Main point is that this time of year is not a great time to be walking the shores of BB lurecasting for flathead.  Not saying you won't catch any at this time of year, but they will be hard work.

Both of my last PB flatties (10 yrs apart!!) have come from the Ramsgate to Dolls Pt stretch including my current PB caught in October 2018 with some good fish caught in Nov 2018.  2019/2020 - not a good season at all and I didn't get out much.

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I went again the next day. After a quick stop to Coles, i arrived at 11am again. Wow again, i am the only one fishing there contrary to the day before. Other fisho start turning up at about 3pm but still not many.

As i get my blackfish rods ready, the water right next to me(less than 5m away) boiled up with a school of tailor/kingies/salmon? attacking bait fish on the surface. I dropped everything and jump right to my lure rod. It took me 30 second to setup the lure and ready to cast but the fish are gone just quickly as they appeared! Too slow:( And that is the highlight of my day. A few bites here and there but no hook up. I guess it weren't a total lost after all as i caught a few yellowtails scad at dawn to replendish my bait-fish bait not to mention it is a nice day out.    

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