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winter blackfish sydney harbour


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Hi All,

haven't been out much but managed to collect a bit of cabbage weed from a couple of the local ferry wharves in Sydney in pursuit of a feed of blackfish.

The first spot we tried was pretty quiet so moved on to a breakwall and kept adjusting depth till we starting seeing downs on our floats.

I find that's the hardest part about learning a new spot is finding out what depth to set the rig.

A passing fisherman who was packing up for the day was kind enough to give us some of his string weed. Boy did it work! I've had success on cabbage weed and weed flies before, but haven't fished with string weed ever. It was good to be able to add this to the repertoire. 

It was a down every cast from then on and we landed 7 good fish in about an hour, the biggest going 40cm. We kept 5 for a feed.

It was a great outing and made better by the generosity and mateship of the fishing community. 

I know where to grab some cabbage weed, but don't really know where to get good quality string weed. Would any of you be able to PM me with a couple of spots to get some string weed? Appreciate any help!

Thanks in advance!





luderick 1.jpg

luderick 2.jpg

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