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Boat shopping - 2002 Bermuda Island Coral 455


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Hi everyone, today I had a look at a Bermuda Island Coral 455, its a great looking boat and this one is well fitted out but I remember reading there were issues with Bermuda boats during parts of their history, so can anyone tell me are these a good hull?

It could not locate a build plate or HIN on this hull, is this normal for this era of boat?

This would be my first front steer boat, I was surprised by how low the steering wheel is relative to the drivers seat (it was down around knee height when seated), is this normal?

I also found the thread where owners were saying these were heavier than claimed by the retailers with new boats being supplied with under-rated un-braked trailers (this trailer had brakes), so what boats are there similar to this size that are not so heavy? Reason being we push our boat by hand onto the front lawn and I don't think we would be able to push this at all.

Any help would be great.




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20 minutes ago, noelm said:

do the rounds of a few dealers and see what you like, that can sometimes help to narrow down your search.

Yep, the internet isnt going to be able to answer all your questions, I'd go & have a look at some 2nd hand dealers 1st hand.

Also on boat weight imo lite=rocky in swell, thats why boats have ballist systems where they increase & decrease the weight according to the conditions.


In the persuit of making it easier to manouvre the boat on dry land it might make it an uncomfotable ride on the waves!

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