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Bilge pump question

Greg Foster

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Hi all

i have a stupid question getting boat stuff checked against the NSW requirements 

my savage ranger has marine ply panels on the floor of the boat ,screwed onto the ribs
it’s basically a false floor 

does this mean I need a bildge pump?

i looked at the requirements for enclosed water and It said A bilge pump is needed if Boat has closed under floor compartments 

I wasn’t sure if a false floor by definition is an under floor compartment 
thanks in advance




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Dont worry about the legalities  just put a bilge pump in    its ridiculous not to have one  in closed or open waters   a wave from a wake over the bow or a heavy rainstorm could put you in danger of sinking let alone a minor split in hull   i wouldnt launch if my pumps wernt working  simple as that

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I never did understand why people try to twist words so they can escape a safety requirement, bilge pumps (decent ones) whether mandatory or not are cheap safety items, unless you have a self draining deck, then one above the floor is a good idea, as well as the one under the floor (if you have access to fit one), lots of things "happen" over your boating years and being well prepared often makes what could be a disaster into just an inconvenience.

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