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Tinny want plane

Yes Dear

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Bought a 11ft tinny with a 9.9 Evinrude 

motor run really well but I can't get the tinny to stay up on a plane

at half throttle the front initially jumps up and the levels out and goes along OK, but if you throttle on more the boat front starts plouging and heaps of wash start coming up the side from the front

I have moved the tilt pin in both directions but does not make any diff.

any tips on what is going on


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Got a picture of the motor mounted on the boat, from side on and from the rear? just guessing without seeing it, motor is trimmed way too far in, wrong shaft length or there's way too much weight in the front, or the boat Bottom is bent.

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Generally in my tinny if I am moving I just gun the motor at full throttle to get me up on the plane as quickly as possible.

I have played with my trim & have it second from the bottom which still does bog me down at the start a bit but I end up with very good top end speed.

I do however try & help to get to that holeshot by moving as much weight as possible to either mid or towards the bow of the boat, even more so if I am on my own which I am most of the time.

Mind you I have a 13.9ft tinny & a 25hp motor as well so in my case I have more push/forward momentum.


I would try to do something similar & move any weight forward & see how that goes. 


Also of course it does come down to the overall weight.

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I  will get a pic of it

I have a troll motor hanging off the front and have made a front floor and middle floor

have a big troll battery and 25 lt fuel tank at back + me!

I have tried the pin in all available positions but notthing seems to change.

thought moving weight to front/middle would make things worse but I ma no expert.

Boat is very light weight and mount area seems flimsy to me.



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6 minutes ago, Yes Dear said:

have a big troll battery and 25 lt fuel tank at back + me!

There you go, do you need the troll battery in the back?

I'd move it to the front if it was me.

As mentioned try to get as much weight forward as your weight + 25KG of fuel + the battery is bogging you down & stopping you from getting on the plane with a 9.9hp motor.

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as mentioned above I have tried the trim pin all holes and nothing changes

I thought the highest hole would make the motor push bow up, it does on my bigger boat.

very strange

I have a 40 on my bigger boat but i think it won't fit, just taken the pss

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