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Gummy shark 2 ways

kingie chaser

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Did this one a little while ago but was just looking through my pictures & realised I didnt post it up.

So basically its sauteed gummy shark on a gummy croquette, butter bean puree, roasted beetroot, glazed carrots, peas & lemon oil.


The bean puree was made by simply using tinned butter beans, drained & the saute a bit of brown onion, garlic & some cream then puree'd.

The croqette is some cooked gummy shark that I broke up, made a firm potato mash combined with an egg yolk(add when cooler) & a bit of butter, chopped parsley, let set in the fridge & then crumb in the usual way & either panfry or deepfry when putting dish together

All the rest is pretty simple.

Probably should have only used 3 pieces of sauteed gummy on top to show the croquette off a bit more.  



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