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Sydney Offshore Flathead

Botany Bay Fishing

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Started early morning collecting live slimy Mackerel for a chance at a good kingfish and to stock up on slimy fillets to salt.

Then headed offshore to try and find the deep sea Flathead. We headed north out of Botany Bay towards Coogee and started searching for them in 30 meters of waters being plagued by Sargent bakers and red rock cods we bounced around eventually working our way out to 50 meters by then we were only just north of Cape Banks. Where we found the patch and boated 6 within 20 minutes by then the wind had picked up and we were forced back inside the bay. All in all, we ended the day with 7 flatties largest going 55 and the smallest around 40




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Fished the flathead drifts yesterday out from Manly and down to North Head. No wind and no current meant a very slow drift but whiting and flathead were about. Slimies and yellowtail turned up and then the wind and current kicked in making it very hard to hold bottom so we went closer in about 50 metres where fishing was easier and with mixed grounds the variety of fish became wider. For the last drift we went closer again off North Head and with one minute to go before lines up, a big lizard whacked my mullet offering. She weighed in at 1.3 kilos gutted and cleaned. Ten of us ended up with 29 flathead, 32 whiting and a mix of reef fish making a total of 114 fish. A great day on the water.


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