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Botany Bay Fishing

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Hey All, Welcome to another video!!!

Havent been able to get out since our last video, due to weather and other commitments. We have been neglecting the crabs quite a bit this season so we decided to give the kingfish a rest for abit and see if we cant get a nice feed of blue swimmers.
Whilst waiting around for the crabs we had planned to target Flathead and Flounder with our usual method of drifting with white bait. The wind and tide was in our favour that day so it turned out to be fairly productive on the fishing front, although the crabs werent as productive as previous years maybe due to the increased number of boats targeting them

As always would love any feedback on the video as im always looking to improve!


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14 hours ago, Yowie said:

Looks like a lazy day of fishing, however, no need to bust the boiler.(have done that myself a few times) A great feed of fish and crabs.

Yeah man, sometimes its good to just go out and enjoy the day, no need to stress about anything

14 hours ago, flatheadluke said:

Some clever fishing there fellas and a great result - well done 👍 

Yeah thanks man, gotta make the most of it

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