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Improving my fishing from the rocks/beach in the eastern suburbs


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I hope you are all well

I fish since I’m a young boy, but where I come from there was only a tiny river, very different from fishing here. When I arrive in Australia, 8 years ago, I fished here and there but not so much. May be once every two months.

I’m a very keen seafood chef (that’s what I do for a living), so I like to eat what I catch.

Anyway, since a year I’m much more into fishing, I fish every week. Land based from the rocks or sometimes from the beach. I live in Clovelly so I fish around there depending on the condition. I don’t really like the harbour as I really enjoy the « wild » feeling you get from fishing the ocean. 

I’m interested in improving my skills on catching fish with lures, plastics, metal. I catch some here and there but I can see I need to improve. I have watched lots of videos but there’s something missing.

I have a car so I can travel, I can only do Mondays or Tuesdays

As I said earlier I’m a professional head chef specialised in fine dining seafood so I would be happy to teach some cooking skills to the person who would help me with the fishing part.


Thanks a lot 


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