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Umina Beach

Rock hopper

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bit of a late report.

Went for a quick fish Sunday evening at Umina beach using pipis as bait. Only there for under an hr.

I have been lazy and just running a Mustad Worm hook and ball sinker with 8lb leader and using pipis as bait.

Arrived just as the sun was setting and near high tide. Wind had stopped and you could see a storm about to roll over box head. Conditions looked perfect and what a trip it was. First cast on the little flick stick and hooked a good salmon. Finally getting a fish with some weight to test the new rod Daiwa td black "Mundie Mauler".

So much fun.  Some really good runs and jumping out of the waves made for a sight.
Salmon put up a great fight and this one was no different. Managed to get him on the sand and quickly dispatched him and back out for another. The next bite must have been at least twice the size. The runs this fish was going on had me cheering. Had me running up and down the beach following this monster. In the end over the period of the fight the hook straightened and I lost the fish. Dam it. I was gutted but was content with knowing how much grunt this little rod has.  
I know most people don't rate Aussie Salmon as a good feed but I love them.

Cooked this fish 3 ways. Thai Style ( coriander, ginger and lime ), beer battered and panko crumb with chilli flakes. Went down a treat with some mash potato and asparagus. 
We had the beach to ourselves. Rain had all but cleared the beach. 

Took an ink impression of the fish before filleting it up. First time trying this and I think I need some more practice. 😆




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Been there once a few years back, beautiful part of the world! Did not get any fish with the couple of casts I made but always believed that beach would hold some fish! Did not see many reports from Umina beach until recently. You definitely have proved my thought!

Nice imprint of the salmon!

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Don’t knock it, that’s a first class piece of gyotaku (fish impression).

You will see a lot of really good gyotaku on the web but most start out no better then that - and then the artist does a lot of touching up with a paintbrush.


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