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Lever Vs Star Drag Systems


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lever drags allow you to have your drag at a desired preset. Say you are fishing 15kg line, you can accurately set the strike drag setting to 5kg. This takes all the guesswork out of setting drags which is what can happen with a star drag. The drag plates in a lever drag are a hell of a lot bigger and are more suited to fishing for fast running fish. The star drag system works on the drag washers being compressed against the spool. Most lever drags will pull the spool up against the washers, a much better system. Star drags are good for locking up on fish and they are also normally more suited to casting as they have better freespool. I would go for a lever drag most of the time. Let us know what you plan to use the reel for and we can offer more advice.

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I would go the lever for a couple of reasons

- level drags are also good if you have people fishing with you who pick up your rod..

Its easy for them to set the drag right and takes the guess work out

- I can see where my drag is set visually, rather than having to pull line during a fight or moving to the rod on a boat

- Strike is always set right when trolling

- Drag system is better ( see other posts on the how and why's)

- I have had star drags "unwind" on my in a fight a little

In the end i guess it comes to price, I have star and Lever drag systems, both do work well, but i do prefer the levers.

good luck

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Thanks raiders.

I plan to use the reel for trolling mostly but also a bit of casting and bait fishing aswell.

Im considering either a shimano charter special (lever drag) or Tekota (star drag) in same size.

any thoughts???

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Both are good reels, i own both, use the charter more often as i prefer the lever drag.

Both have a level wind to distribute the line on the spool which is good for a begginer using overheads althought i got rid of it from the charter when i got more experienced

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If it was my choice, I'd go the charter special.. never heard anything bad about them and all the charter boats (no pun intended) seem to use them..

TLD's are nice, but tend to be a bit big and heavy.. the Charter is a good size for all round fishing (for the mid-big guys)

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