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blackfish tutorial


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Hi all

I have for a long time wanted to learn the art of black fishing, finally last Friday, I was fortunate enough to have DerekD take some time out to teach and pass on his knowledge to me.

We started the process by collecting cabbage weed from the lower northern beache, DerekD then explained the rig set up and how to adjust the sinker according to your particular float. as well as setting the stopper to the right depth. After this we proceeded to fish numerous spots along the north side of Sydney. Eventually the fish started biting and we had an absolute ball of a time.

DerekD your an absolute gentleman, and thankyou for passing on your knowledge. Looking forward to out next fishing trip. 







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Good of you to acknowledge DerekD for helping you get onto some Blackfish. He is an excellent instructor and has great patience too. He loves his fishing and is always prepared to pass on his knowledge to those willing to learn.


Cheers, bn

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Hi Kilp,

Well written report and thank you for sharing.

You did well putting all the information we went through on the day into practice leading to several luderick being landed and several more lost (you'll get them next time).

It is often where I like to start people new to fishing as it is a very visual form of fishing and you can get some instant feedback when the fish are playing. It is also a lot of fun if you haven't fished for them before.

Thanks for being such good company on the day and for the enthusiasm you had during the whole process. I'm confident you could now go out and successfully target them on your own based on what you learned on the day but it is more fun with company.



PS. We will also have to try you with the weed flies in some upcoming sessions.

Edited by DerekD
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