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Saturday evening session on the Harbour and Rosebay


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Sitting at home on Saturday looking at the boat and thinking, its been a while and with no renovation work for the day, texted a mate and away we went at 4;30pm

The ramp was empty only about 8 cars in the parking bays at Rydalmere and two boats just pulled out, one had taken on way to much water and the owner just got their license the day before, bungs were in but there was plenty of saltwater, so something wasn't right.

From Rydalmere the wind was gentle but was creating some chop and the amount of party boats around was something I hadn't see since before Covid.

We headed straight to Rosebay and anchored up near the boat moorings, a little bit of burley and some fresh squid and I don't think it hit the bottom before i had a small bream on, he went 22cm and straight back in, I love circle hooks, so easy to release.

Then pulled up a small snapper at 26cm (My Largest Snapper Ha Ha) and he went back in and it was like this for the next few hours as my mate and i solved the worlds issues and relaxed on the water. The wind dropped of to nothing and we decided to move further down the river to opposite Goat Island.

Set up 3 rods and while baiting the third rod our heavy rod bent over took some line and then nothing, bait gone and no hook up, after that we floated around for another hour or two and relaxed, before heading back to the ramp at 11pm.

There was a Drunk dude at the ramp fishing, he was soaking wet as he said he help a guy retrieve his boat, i think he just fell in.

Text book retrieval (Drive on trailer) to applauds from drunk dude and back home for a quick boat wash and motor flush and a relaxed sleep.

Sorry no Pics maybe next time, to busy relaxing

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