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Went down to my local wharf on Sunday evening as i managed to bribe myself a three hour window away from the kids evening routine (fighting them into bath and bed)

I usually just take a packet of pilchards to see whats around and when thats gone i head home. 

I was winding up a so far untouched bait pretty quickly and something sizeable nailed it. It was stripping line and going all over the place. Got a glimpse and saw a bonito, the first one ive ever hooked. As i got it in closer i could see about 4-5 kings chasing it and really trying to have a go at it.

I managed to swing it onto the wharf but the hook pulled and it flapped back in before i could get a photo. Needless to say i put a metal on straight away. The surface started to boil and the place was alive with fish. I landed another bonito and a tailor. Both being followed in by bigger tailor and multiple kingfish. That gets the old ticker going.

Unfortunately it only lasted about 20 mins then went completely quiet. Brilliant fun.



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Watsons leaping bonito.

If the kingies see something hanging from another fish's mouth, they will try and grab it thinking it is an easy meal to steal from the fish.

A couple of times I have hooked a tailor on ganged hooks, had a kingie grab the bait and hook up. By the time the kingie is landed, that tailor is not looking too flash, having been dragged through the water at high speed by the kingie.

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