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Cowan Creek 1-03-2021

hucho hucho

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Went boating with my mrs last Monday. We launched the boat at Apple Tree Bay at 10.30am and started fishing couple hundred metres from the boat ramp. Light 1-3kg rod with my favourite plastic lure Zman MinnowZ, Pearl/Blue Glimmer 3inch. High tide was still 1-1.5 hours away. I was casting over the drop off and second or third cast I felt something heavy. After 5-10 minutes beautiful 63 cm flathead was in our boat. Ten minutes later 25 cm model was caught on another fishing rod with squid bait, then small bream. After this we moved to another bay not far away to catch 2 small squids on 1.5inch squid jig. At high tide, 100 metres from us water started suddenly to boil. Big school of predators was chasing small bait fish. Two minutes later, before I was able to change the lure and moved closer it was over. Quiet. I guess it was bonitos. Last April I caught two bonito in this area.   

We moved then to Pittwater but no success.




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