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Shimano Symetre Rod Reel - any good ??


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What are ppl opinions / experiences on the Shimano Symetre gear.

Background - I need to use my Frequent Flyers points soon (end of the month) or they will expire. I ain't flying anywhere soon but I can get a range of Shimano Symetre combos...I am thinking it could be a good add to the tackle box as most of my gear is light or ultra light and this is an easy and cheap way to add something a little heavier.


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I have a 2500 reel, the only problem I had with mine was the bailarm came out of the pin that is part of the runner assembly.

Maybe the screw was a bit lose not sure but once I put it back in it would continue to pop out of the groove it sits in.

Maybe I could have gone for a warranty claim but I just ended up getting shimano to send me a new pin assembly.

Cost me $15


Haven't had an issue since.


No idea about the rod.

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